Monday, August 28, 2017


 It's been two weeks today since we said goodbye to our Miss Mollie Brown. day has run into another and if I didn't have to get up in the morning, well, I didn't.  I've lived in my pajamas for more hours than I can say and have cried more tears than I ever thought I could.

Our grief has been raw.
Those of you who have experienced loss of any kind will understand our hurting hearts.  There is no balm that can soothe or heal our brokenness and we understand that only time will help us move forward without Mollie's physical presence in our lives.
A few days after her passing we received a little box with her ashes and a pair of paper imprints of her very tiny front paws.  As I turned the cards over and over in my hands I realized that way back in 2003 she had stolen away my heart and the very essence of her will continue to live there for all my days.

I'm beyond grateful for that.

Fourteen years, seven months and seven days.  

So thankful for all those moments with our beautiful doggie...

And for God's GRACE.

His wonderful, unmerited favor has made breathing in and out possible.

Today I am going to attempt to return to the real world.  Two new things have entered into our lives and both are keeping me on my toes.

I will share more soon.

Thank you all for you blog and Facebook comments.  I'm overwhelmed by the kindness and love shown to Steve and I.  



Tuesday, August 15, 2017


 Dear Friends...

My husband, Steven and I shared the news earlier today via FB that our little Miss Mollie Brown passed away yesterday afternoon.  I'm beyond torn up over losing my furry friend and our hearts are completely broken.  I know for certain mine will never be the same.
Our girl was beyond precious and lived to be almost 15 years old.  She was truly one of my dearest friends, my constant companion and 24/7 shadow.  She saw me through many things and only asked of me to provide a warm place to lay her head and food and water for her tummy.  Gentle hugs, cuddles and kisses were optional, but she welcomed them always, but never demanded them.  She hated bath time, but loved how she felt after she was dry.  Her favorite pastime was hunting June Bugs and she could snatch them mid-air when she was younger.  Always the huntress, even when her eyesight dimmed she could scout out a Scada Bug, wings and all, and swallow it down before you could swipe it away.  She loved to give wet kisses and she would sit and politely beg for any scraps the minute you sat down to eat...

Such a little lady our baby girl was...

Last September I found a bump on her belly and it was a tumor.  In March she was was getting thin and by last Thursday was very frail and had lost down to a little over three pounds...  Her original weight was 6-7...depending on just how much people food she could convince me to pass her under the table.  

Late yesterday afternoon she passed away with both me and my Mr. AGP Man at her side.  Her little spirit is soaring high tonight and she is safe and sound.  It is my belief I will see her again...  I know I will.

Your prayers for Steve and I are greatly appreciated.  Right now we are both overcome with grief and sorrow...

Miss Mollie Brown
1-7-2003 - 8-14-2017

Love to you all...


Friday, August 11, 2017



Yesterday I took my little Miss Mollie, my now 14 and 7 month old Yorkie, to see her doctor as she continue to grow very, very thin.  My Mr. AGP Man and I know we must soon make the painful decision regarding her future and we are beyond broken up about it all.  Our time with her has quickly flown and we are facing the very end of our days with our beloved girl...

For those of you who are Pet Parents you know how difficult it is to say goodbye.  Do we continue to WAIT for nature to take it's course, especially if our pets don't APPEAR to be in pain?  Or do we opt to CHOOSE the humane approach and opt to put our babies down?

Our girl still loves to sometimes hunt June Bugs on warm summer evenings, although walking is getting harder and harder for her and she sleeps all but maybe three or four of 24 hours each day.  She still loves to snuggle and cuddle and so we've been waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

While our hearts our breaking.

I've asked God many times over this past year just what it is we are supposed to learn while traveling this journey...  Or maybe it is we are just supposed to enjoy the love we both give and receive this side of heaven...

We aren't sure.

Anyway...your prayers are so appreciated as we decide...and ponder and pray.

I've so enjoyed sharing the antics of our girl with you all over the past eight or so years...  Saying goodbye...or so long for now...or see you again one day is, well, you know...



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